Who Supplies Expert LED Strip Lights?

The Rise in LED Strip Light Technology

Things look sunny side up for the bright-global marketplace for LED strip lights set to expand almost 12% price over the next 5 years and could hit a market over $3 billion-value by 2028. Energy-efficient and versatile, LED fiber optic lights are increasingly popular and widely used in home decors and everything from commercial to industrial applications.

Top Brands Of LED Strip Lights Across Industries

Brightech Solutions

Based out of LA, since its inception, Brightech Solutions has certainly emerged as leading Expert LED Strip Light Supplier. This includes a selection of LED strips with options for better dimming and smart home support such as color changing capabilities for smart home devices. They are high efficiency LED strip lights that produce as much as 130 lumens per watt and have a superior CRI of 90+, which means that your light output is high-impact and looks amazing too.

Lumina Lights Co.

A leading manufacturer of long lasting, top of the line LED strip lights for commercial and residential applications, Lumina Lights Co. is based in New York. Their offerings are more than capable of facing severe conditions and are good for a maximum operating life of 75,000 hours. Lumina Lights is customer-centric among its competition while providing customized solutions as per the requirement from the customer.

Green Lighting Tech

Green Lighting Tech is based out of Denver and is one of the designers and engineers of LED lighting. Those are their sustainable lighting solutions that run on solar, LED strips and are made of biodegradable materials. They offer multi-color LEDs in their product line up and integration with energy management systems for any building needing to maintain green energy while still getting a high sense of light quality.

Choose Your LED Strip Light Supplier

If you are in the market to looking for an Expert LED Strip Light Supplier, it is important to consider its range and versatility in its product offering and its technical excellence in the technology of LEDs.

Engagement and Innovation

Given how much top-tier suppliers work with their customers to customize products around specific requirements. This personalized service means they are providing clients with much more than just LED strip lights, but well-rounded lighting solutions tailored to their space and user case.

Your Ideal Choice

Business owners who need modern, dependable, and effective LED strip lighting products must collaborate with brands such as Brightech Solutions, Lumina Lights Co., and Green Lighting Tech. These companies are leading the wave of the LED technology, providing products that yet again are an equilibrium of innovation, consumer centric solutions and environmental consciousness.

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